Our Dream


ThatNow is a group of individuals who are passionate about sharing and utilizing spirituality, art, business and technology to raise spiritual awareness and human consciousness.   

We are a purpose-driven brand that asks: What awakens your soul? What gives you spiritual peace in your busy life? What allows you to feel most connected to yourself? Your answer to these questions is your ThatNow.

Maybe it’s yoga, meditation, surfing, hiking, running, sailing, dancing, gardening, or preparing a meal. It’s anything that allows you to feel connected to your true self. Your ability to determine and understand what your body, mind and soul needs is what allows you to live a soulfully connected life. We want to inspire and encourage you to embark on this spiritual path of self-discovery.

ThatNow is committed to providing quality products while giving back to organizations that uplift humanity. We are currently supporting Rising Stars Mentoring Program, The Growing Place, and SF Bay Area Cancer Community Support Group. As our company grows, we will be adding additional organizations.  


Thank you,